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"A landscape Artist works on a canvas that is entirely different from other art forms."

Landscaping is an art that is ever evolving. The 'art' here which is the garden itself is dynamic as the plants and trees grow every second, the environment changes every day and so does the desire of the people around. And therefore, the landscape artist initiates and executes a design process that takes into account the various aspects of the land, the environment, the growing plants and the needs of the user to ensure a visually pleasing, functional and ecologically healthy design. A deep and profound knowledge of the elements involved and principles of design is essential to create a beautiful and effective design of landscapes.

Before the process of designing starts, the characteristics of site and the user’s desires are clearly determined. This forms the base on conceptualizing for the landscape. The designer then selects and organizes plants hardscape materials, collectively called features. The features include principles like form, colour, line, texture and visual weight of the elements of design. These principles are the fundamental concepts of composition- proportion, order, repetition and unity- that serve as the guiding factors to arrange the features in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Put simply, the landscaping artist creates beautiful spaces in garden using the skills of gardening and design. Landscaping modifies the natural lay of the land using flora and fauna, elements like water, rocks, driftwood, sculptures and the like taking into consideration the abstract elements like climate, architectural design and beauty.

A landscaping artist given any space unique identity that accentuates the architectural beauty of the surroundings while creating an ambient atmosphere for nature. Observation and creativity are two ‘must’ qualities for a landscaping artist. Expertise and exposure to different types of settings and gardens for different soil types and terrain are requisite to give shape to dreamy creations. Once the landscaping artist gets to work, the terrain attains a new identity with even micro elements adding to the wholesome character of the garden.

Like a magician who with his wand creates fantasy, the landscaping artist uses his creativity and modern tools to transform the most mundane of spaces to a glen haven.

Babylon landscaping artist

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