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Babylon vertical garden

vertical garden

Man’s creativity knows no bounds. Vertical gardens are perhaps the best example of this creativity. In modern living, often, we have less space to add a garden. Vertical gardens are the aesthetic space solutions for any space be it residential, commercial or corporate. Potted plants hanging from a wall or partition not only provide privacy to the space beyond but also joy to the eye. Add a bit of green in drab corporate offices with a vertical garden up on a wall. It adds not only colour but also energy to the space.

Boundary walls, chain link fences or fenced in backyard, any space can become more interesting with vertical garden. It breaks the monotony with colour and life with tiered hanging of different plants and herbs.

One can use a whole lot of things to set up a vertical garden from the convention pots to cans, long Germanic flower boxes, pot brackets to hold the flower pots, containers and even scrap. Wrought iron holders add beauty to the whole. Paint the containers and boxes in happy colours to make them more attractive.

Babylon vertical garden

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