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Till few years ago, indoor gardens were popular only in places where an outdoor garden can’t be maintained because of severe climate or infertile soil. In regions with snowfall or in desert like conditions, the temperature s were not conducive for outdoor gardening throughout the year.

However, this has changed with the green consciousness of the modern world. Now, its chic and trendy to have green spaces inside your home or office. People have started to comprehend the positive energy of a green surroundings. Corporates have discovered that employee performance increases in the presence of some plants and garden. The long hours of work in artificial spaces usually sap people of positivity. An indoor garden is the key to change peoples’ attitude and efficiency.

Inside homes and resorts, gardens add to the energy levels and the same time soothes and comforts. Indoor gardens are attractive and extend the character of the surroundings. 

Babylon indoor garden

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