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The herb garden with multicoloured edible and medicinal herbs is a popular choice. It looks beautiful and contributes to healthy living. Homemade concoctions for common ailments of cough or sore throat can be made with medicinal herbs like holy basil, coriander, mint, and turmeric grown by you. These herbs come in various heights and the garden can be created on terraces and balconies too.

Pruned and intercropped to present a collage of colours, the herbs enchant one and all. The herbs come in a variety of colours and hues of red, violet and green. Most of them are hardy enough and can be cared for by even novices at gardening. And the best thing is that the herbs have short life and people can change the way their garden looks each time they plant a new batch of herbs. Charm one and all with a stellar herb garden.

Babylon herb garden

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