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Babylon flower garden

flower garden

A myriad of colours bring joy to eyes. Say it with a flower, and love blooms. Flowers are the most common choice for a garden. Through the ages, civilizations and emperors have built gardens of flowers to relax and enjoy.

Often, people just pick some plants with pretty flowers for their garden little knowing that some of those blooms may be even one time blooms for a plant or that those are just seasonal flowers which wilt away at the end of the season. Some of the flowering plants are perennial and bloom through the year.

The type of soil is a key factor to grow flowering plants. Some need sandy soil to survive while others might grow well in red clay or loam. Watering these plants also need to be done with specific care. Some of the plants do well with little or no water like cacti and other deciduous varieties but others need lots of water. Some die of overwatering too. High altitude flowers don’t do well in places near to sea and vice versa.

Babylon flower garden
Babylon flower garden

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