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Inspired by the ancient wonder of Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Babylon Creations inherently does what the ancient king tried to please his queen – build beautiful gardens landscaped to perfection using experience, expertise and technology. For us, each project we approach is unique and we try to offer a most customized wonder for each and every client.

Led by Biju George, a passionate landscape artist who has worked in places like the Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh and the Edinburgh zoo, the team at Babylon Creations is honed to perfection. It comprises gardeners, designers, masons, carpenters and architects.

“Soil, water and sunlight are the three important factors for a healthy garden. But I consider wind or air also to be a key player. The plants and trees grow in ambient conditions where all four factors are in perfect harmony”


We have expertise to work on landscapes in all kinds of terrain, rocky, sandy or marshy with varying levels of fertility. We inspect the land, and test the soil for pH values before suggesting the plants for the garden. We can turn the most nondescript of backyards into beautiful gardens. Backyard, terrace, resorts, apartment or office – we know just what is right for you.

-Biju George

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Kochi, Kerala,India

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