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Babylon creations is a team of professional garden designers who have revolutionary ideas and practices to the gardening landscape in Kerala. With international exposure, unlimited talent and a penchant for innovation, Babylon Creations give shape to unique gardens.

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So, how does one go about creating a garden? The usual style is that you buy some plants which you like and plant them in your garden. But once you start planting without a clear plan, the end result looks haphazard. It doesn’t look aesthetic nor does it have the attraction you dreamt of. And buying plants without any knowledge of their habitat and care also backfires. Often, some plants survive and some don’t. This is because most people don’t know the nuances of gardening. The plants must be chosen according to the soil type, planted artistically, tended with care and maintained with love. This is not so simple. It calls for expertise.

So, here we are, Babylon Creations to create mesmerizing gardens for you taking into account the integral factors:
soil type  |  climate  |  water content  |  terrain

what is

Landscaping is art that takes shape on the canvas of Nature as the landscaping artist works on to bring about a metamorphosis using different elements. Be it a front yard garden, a boulevard, an indoor space or a terrace, landscaping gives the land specific attributes to enhance attractiveness. It also complements the architecture around it in a seamless manner and provides soothing environs. With the right kind of landscaping, even a small space can be made to look and welcoming. Each nook and cranny of the available space is neatly thought out and laid.

why you
need a garden?

Research has proven that proximity to Nature is a key factor to human happiness and efficiency. Corporates and Institutions are therefore giving more importance to having something akin to Nature in their surroundings. A garden is mostly an extension of the ethos and character of the home, institution or office. It reciprocates to the inner need of calmness of people around it. It is soothing and often a place to relax and unwind amidst the stressful lives we lead in modern times. It is a joy not only for the eye but for the mind too.


"A landscape Artist works on a canvas that is entirely different from other art forms." Landscaping is an art that is ever evolving. The 'art' here which is the garden itself is dynamic as the plants and trees grow every second, the environment changes every day and so does the desire of the people around. And therefore, the landscape artist initiates and executes a design process that takes into account the various aspects of the land, the environment, the growing plants and the needs of the user to ensure a visually pleasing, functional and ecologically healthy d...

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types of gardens


vegetable garden

Vegetable Garden or Kitchen Garden as some call it is one of the most common household gardens. It has the dual benefit of being a garden as well as a sour...


indoor garden

Till few years ago, indoor gardens were popular only in places where an outdoor garden can’t be maintained because of severe climate or infertile soi...


japanese gardens

A micro ecosystem is the best description of Japanese style of garden. These type of garden essentially bring out the beauty of Nature. Japanese gardens ar...


flower garden

A myriad of colours bring joy to eyes. Say it with a flower, and love blooms. Flowers are the most common choice for a garden. Through the ages, civilizati...

edible garden

Edible Garden has captured the imagination of urban population. With scant space for gardening and growing concerns about health of family, many are taking to this type of garden. Ideally an edible garden has herbs, fruit bearing shrubs and trees.Among herbs there are different colours of herbs that add life to the garden with their vibrant colour are at same time edible too. Being herbs, they are mostly seasonal and each new season can have new set of herbs. If one has enough space the edible garden can also have vegetable bearing shrubs and fruit trees. But these create shade which may not be conducive tocertain herbs. The edible garden has to be planned well and follow the se...

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babylon services landscape architecture

landscape architecture

Our specialized services include landscape architecture for projects of any configuration and type. Residential or commercial, we undertake the project tak...

babylon services master <br>planning


We undertake Master planning for big and small projects of any nature- residential, commercial or institutional. Our team works in tandem with the architec...

babylon services design <br>consultancy


In case of offshore or distant projects, we also offer design consultancy. The consultancy is done after an initial audit of the area to be landscaped. The...

babylon services concept design management

concept design management

As part our services, Babylon creations also offers management and upkeep of gardens for homes and facilities. This is very helpful for people who need to ...

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What our client says

Babylon Testimonial

“I appreciate the creative and innovative designs provided by BABYLON your quality beyond my expectation. High quality reliable service delivered professional staff using first qual...
-George Mathews

Babylon Testimonial

Well established and experienced, professional landscape organisation. Their work is meticulous and I feel a bit of heaven around. Great job, great people. All good wishes team BABYLON
-Swathi Raghu

Babylon Testimonial

A great professional team. Please pass along our appreciation who worked tirelessly throughout the project. I would definitely consider to using your service again. Thank you BABYLON ...
-John Williams

Babylon Testimonial

We are delighted with our new garden and happily recommend to anyone. You will be amazed at how fabulous your property looks. Thank you so much BABYLON for your hard work and all that yo...
-Athira Krishnan

Babylon Testimonial

“I appreciate the creative and innovative designs provided by BABYLON your quality beyond my expectation. High quality reliable service delivered professional staff using first qual...
-George Mathews

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